Welcome to Dizin International Ski, Sport and Tourist Resort.

Dizin Resort is located in central Alborz Mountains, 80 kilometers from Karaj and 14 kilometers from Shemshak ski resort. With two roads accessing Dizin Resort, you can get here in just over one hour from the capital city of Tehran. The resort covers an area of 500 hectares, with a base elevation of 2,500 meters from sea level and top elevation of 3,550 meters. Dizin Resort started its activity officially in the winter of 1969.

The length of the Gondola from the base to the top of the mountain is 3,700 meters, and the longest run from top to bottom is 7.5 kilometers, considered as the longest skiable run in the Middle East.

The ski season in Dizin runs from mid-November until late April / early May, with cold but mostly sunny climate.

With its available facilities and development projects underway, Dizin Resort attracts numerous athletes and tourists year-round.

During the summer season, Dizin Resort offers grass skiing , and every year, FIS Grass Skiing World Cup races are held in Dizin http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/disciplines/grasssking/ . Other summer activities offered at Dizin Resort are mountain biking, archery and hang gliding. Tourists can also enjoy our flower garden, as well as the local flora, some of which is very rare.

We hope we can offer valuable services year-round to all athletes and tourists visiting Dizin Resort.